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Master Ruben's


USCF Chess Master Reuben Analyzes the Concept of Blitzkrieg

IUSCF Chess Master Reuben Analyzes Rapid Development

USCF National Master vs. #2 Player in Utah

USCF Master Ruben vs. FIDE Master Conrado Diaz - Can You See The Big Sacrifice?

ChampionshipUSCF National
Master Ruben vs. Expert in 2001 Hawaii State

 Mariano vs. Cvitan King's Indian Defense Petrosian Variation

                      USCF Master vs. FIDE Master
                     The curious case of the knights

USCF National Master Ruben Analyzes The Jackal Attack

USCF National Master Ruben vs. State Champion of Hawaii
Trouble on F7
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