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between 2 strong Masters!
with Ruben Ondangan

" An awesome blitz (5 minutes) chess playoff game between two Masters ...

NM Larry Smith (2223) of Thousand Oaks Chess Club
up against

NM Ruben Ondangan of

Antelope Valley

A wonderful handling of the Nimzovich Opening has won the game for the former Hawaii State Champion
NM Ondangan ... "

Will He Win?
#1 USCF Blitz Player
Age 10 and Under
Master Ruben Ondangan

Casual 3 minute Blitz game played at
Los Angeles Chess Club
May 7, 2016
Nail Biting Blitz Game
between 2 Masters 
Master Ruben Ondangan
Master Mick Bighamian

 5 minute Blitz game played at
Los Angeles Chess Club
Feb. 25th, 2017

The 3rd Antelope Valley Spring Open Chess Championship Sunday March 23, 2014.

NM Ruben Ondangan
NM Pablo Pena

Tied for 1st and went on to play a

5 minutes blitz playoff for the championship trophy.

NM Ondangan won
and crowned Champion !!!

2012 Chess Player of the Year!


The AV chess Player of 2012 is

Ruben Ondangan!

Ruben Ondangan

(661) 917-7628

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